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Power Vacuum Trucks

Tesla Environmental has access to power vacuum trucks, also known as ‘super vacs through one of our sister companies. These powerful machines are the ultimate wet/dry vacuum loader trucks. Power vacuum trucks are ideal for dry applications, including contaminated soil, dirt or debris, while also handling even the toughest liquid, slurry, and sludge removal jobs.

For applications involving dry materials, power vacuum trucks are capable of operating as air movers. Our power vacuum trucks use a 4” or 6” diameter hose to effectively and quickly remove, transport, and dispose of nearly any material.

Power vacuum trucks are versatile enough to handle a vast range of tasks in the commercial, institutional or industrial sectors, and have a load capacity of up to 14000L. They can be invaluable equipment in industries such as mining, construction, municipal works, oil and gas, and more.

Please contact Tesla Environmental with any questions or for further information on our Toronto vacuum trucks and power vacuum services, or for any of the additional services we offer including hydrovacs, wet vacuums and vacuum tankers. We proudly serve areas throughout Southern Ontario, including Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brampton, and Vaughan.

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