Tesla Environmental Inc.

Toronto Vacuum Trucks

Tesla Environmental delivers integrated vacuum truck services for Toronto’s industrial, municipal and commercial needs. We have the specialized equipment, industry experience and the expertly trained personnel to complete the job safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all local, provincial and national guidelines and regulations.

Our specialized fleet of vacuum trucks, vacuum tankers, power vacuum trucks, and hydrovac trucks are equipped with varying wet and dry technologies to manage all of Toronto’s environmental cleanup and disposal needs. Our vacuum trucks have advanced equipment that creates top suction levels and can handle deep pulls and heavy sludge. We can safely extract even corrosive or flammable materials in liquid or wet sludge form.

Our vacuum tankers have holding capacities of up to 27000L are designed to tackle the largest and toughest jobs. In addition to vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers, Tesla Environmental offers industrial power wash cleaning, hydrovac services, waste disposal, transportation for product delivery, rapid response, and specialized on-site services within Toronto and the surrounding cities, including Mississauga, Vaughn, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and Hamilton.

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